Seminar Announcement
Date: Monday, August 28
Time: 11:00-12:00
Place: A3017 (CDT Demo Room)

Internet Traffic Analysis: Monitoring the Sprint IP Backbone
Sue B. Moon <>
Sprint Labs, San Francisco


Network traffic measurements provide essential data for networking
research and operation. Measurement data is used to study traffic
demands, develop models for network traffic, provision networks,
and evaluate network performance. While there has been extensive work
on network measurement systems, much of it has focused on specialized
systems which collect a single type of data, and many of the
measurements have been performed on edge networks or in research
We have designed a passive measurement system which collects packet
header information of every packet on OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 network
links, and uses GPS synchronized  clocks to timestamp each packet.
GPS timestamps allow us to measure accurate delay, and match packets
on multiple links in the network. Currently these systems are deployed at
one POP (Point-of-Presence) of the Sprint backbone network.
Once data is collected on these systems, it is transfered and analysed
In this talk we present the system architecture and preliminary results from
this monitoring project in Sprint.


Sue .B. Moon received the Ph.D. degree from University of Massachusetts at
in 1998. She is now with Sprint Labs, San Francisco.
Biography, publications and research statement can be found at her
home page at UMass