Invitation to a Software Engineering Seminar

Speaker:  Professor Kevin Ryan, University of Limerick, check URL

Time:     Tuesday August 22nd 2.00 p.m (about one hour + discussion)
Room:     CDT Demo Room (A3017)

Title:    The Future of Software Engineering

Abstract: One of the features of ICSE2000 was a novel track, organised
by Anthony Finkelstein, on the Future of Software Engineering. A special
volume of papers was commissioned for this track and the related
presentations were very well attended. This talk is framed around the
content of this track. After a short overview of the SE field, I will
present some of the key areas of concern, including some additions of my
own, and outline the research topics that need to be addressed in each
area. I will conclude with a selected 'top ten' of research priorities.
There will be time for questions and answers and I'll also be happy to
talk about my experiences with ICSE if anyone is interested.

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