Experimental Methodology

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Course Plan

The course will provide the basic concepts in instrumentation and measurements. The course presents a methodological approach to experimentation by breaking it into its phases to plan, implement, debug, execute and report experiments in order to track and minimize measurement uncertainties. Theory for measurement systems, dimensional analysis and error analysis are developed to support design and evaluation of experiments and data. An overview of measurement technologies based on optical, acoustical, mechanical, chemical and electrical methods is given. Electrical interference and common error sources are covered as well as calibration and traceability. Data acquisition and processing are covered in the laboratory work where the software packages LabView and Matlab are used.

* Experimentation, errors and uncertainty
* Statistical considerations
* General and detailed uncertainty analysis
* Installation effects and dynamic influences
* EMC considerations of experimental set-ups
* Overviews of acoustical, electrical, mechanical, optical and chemical measurement methods
* Standards and traceability 

ContentsScheduled timeLecturer
Measurement and sensor theory 2 hrs Ph.D. Jan van Deventer
Dimensional analysis 2 hrs Ph.D. Mari Finnström
Error analysis 12 hrs Ph.D. Jan Van Deventer
Traceability and calibration 2 hrs Ph.D. Jan van Deventer
Electromagnetic interference (EMC) 4 hrs Prof. Dag Björklöf & Mr. Åke Wisten
Introduction to optical measurement methods 4 hrs Prof. Nils-Erik Molin
Introduction to acoustical measurement methods 4 hrs Ph.D. Torbjörn Löfqvist
Introduction to electrical measurement methods 4 hrs Prof. Lennart Gustafsson
Introduction to mechanical measurement methods 4 hrs Mr. Stefan Björnfot
Introduction to chemical measurement methods 4 hrs Ph.D. Allan Holmgren
Data acquisition and processing 2x4 hrs Ph.D. Olov Marklund

Total scheduled time : 50 hrs.

Points: 5.

Eligible Students: Graduate students involved in experimental work.

Examination: Attendance, laboratory work, written exam.

Examiner: Prof. Jerker Delsing.


Short Name Reference
Handbook Coleman H. W and Steele W.G, Experimentation and uncertainty analysis for engineers, John Wiley and Sons ltd. UK, 1999.

Laboratory work

ContentsSceduled timeSupervisor
Data acquisition boards and LabWiew 4 hrs Dr. Olov Marklund
Data processing and Matlab 4 hrs Dr. Olov Marklund

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Invitation to the course in Experimental Methodology. This course is given with support from the faculty board to facilitate a broad base of post graduate courses across the different departments at Luleå University of Technology.

For participation in the course please send an email to Ulrica Lång.


Slides for the data acquisition lecture can be found here here, and for the data processing lecture here.The laboration is here.


An updated schedule  for the course is found here. I guess this is the final one.

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