Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

Luleň University of Technology's Institution for Systemteknik invites applications for both permanent and visiting faculty positions in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

All areas of electrical/computer engineering and computer science will be considered. However, there is special interest in computer networking, computer architecture, and the computer engineering fields. Positions require a PhD in electrical/computer engineering or computer science and will have teaching and research responsibilities.

The university currently has 10,000 students, studying mainly in the technical fields with courses being offered in Swedish and English. Please see for more information on the university.

Luleň University of Technology is located in the mid-sized coastal city of Luleň in northern Sweden which is a regional center for science, engineering and technology. Please see for more information on the city.

To receive full consideration, applications should be sent to: Bengt Lennartsson, Department of CS&EE, Luleň University of Technology, SE 971 87, Luleň, Sweden. Electronic submissions (pdf format preferred) of applications material are welcome and may be sent via e-mail to