The program htmlusers

The following description of htmlusers is mostly for systems administrators. This command was never intended for regular users.

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htmlusers - list local users with hypertext information


htmlusers outfile [configfile]


Htmlusers builds a list of those local users that have a directory named .html in their home directory. The list is sorted in three different ways and the result is output to three files written in hypertext format using the HTML language.

Normally this is run hourly by cron(8).


The outfile argument is used as a prefix value for the names of the three files that are written. The appended suffixes are -byuser.html, -byreal.html and -bytime.html.


Most of the behaviour of htmlusers is hardcoded, but through the use of a configfile you may alter some of it. In the config file you can have blank lines, comments (starting with a # character) and commands. The following commands can be used.
exclude filename ...
Skip all files named filename when searching for each users last modified file. Usually you wish to exclude files that are updated automatically, thus deemed uninteresting.
name user real name
Set the real name for the user user to be real name. It is sometimes useful to override the real name entry from the passwd file, e.g. if a user has got a strange or invalid name in the passwd file or when the real name contains special characters that are not suitable for putting in the passwd file.


The simplest case:
	htmlusers users
would create three files named users-byuser.html, users-byreal.html and users-bytime.html.

The most complex case:

	htmlusers users
would do almost exactly the same thing as the previous example, except that it might produce slightly different output depending on the contents of the file

This is an example of a config file

	# A sample run time config file for htmlusers.

	exclude Counterfile

	name henrik	Henrik A. Cañadas
	#name birger	Birger Edström
	name birger	Birger Edstrðm



Htmlusers first appeared at Ludd in 1993. The first version was a combination of C programs and shell scripts. The latest version of htmlusers is a single C program that collects, processes and writes its data all by itself.


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