The Legend of the Robotic Vehicles

Plaster 2

Brokk 110

Brokk is basically an robotarm on tracks, the robot is very suitable in heavy applications like concrete work. Brokk is controlled using two camera that observes Brokk from distance. The camera uses relexes that are placed all over the robot. This system have been fused with an range laser to "see" what to grip and work with. This system is being developed to increase the working speed and to make it safer to work in hazardous enviroments.
Something for
the dentist

The Lusar Robot


Lusar was delevloped for research purposes in the fields of embedded internet systems, telecommands, indoor navigation and map building methonds. The onboard software, the realtime operating system is QNX, uses mainly inclinometers and a distance sensor build on LASER technology. The LASER sensor gives the user the distance to an object and the actual bearing. Lusar can be operated using a webbrowser like Netscape and it has been successfully operated from Singapore.

The autonomous plastering robot "Olle"

This was out first plastering robot prototype. It has succesfully plastered the walls at an actual building site.
Luleå Turbo Turtle

The Lusar Robot

Spackel 1

This is an indoor autonomous vechicle and is used for plastering of walls. The vehicle is equipped with a range sensor that scans the enviroment during work. The operating system is QNX and it can be remote controlled using a Webbrowser.


Calman was basically a project for the undergraduate students. Here a big landmover was build to be autonomous. The navigation is done using Relexes placed in an enviroment. The onboard sensor returns the brearing to each reflex, and with cominatorial mathematics it is possible to solve position of the vechile as the position of the reflexes is known. The Calman name is an honour to THE KALMAN.

The Calman Robot

The Aimar Robot

Aimar is one of these undergraduate robots that amazingly navigates in its enviroment. The robot teaches the students the basics of micro controllers like Intel8051. This robot has been equipped with a lot of different sensors like light sensors and ultrasound sonars.

Luleå Turbo Turtle - LTT

On the picture we see that the vehicle is equipped with an slegde. Almost in the middle you can see the rotating laser scanner used for navigation. This navigation system has become a major commercial success! We have since continued with indoor navigation using scanning range measuring lasers, the range weighted Hough transform and autonomous map generation.
Luleå Turbo Turtle

The Personal
Robot 1
Pr 1 - Personal Robot 1

A fast light weight SCARA robot arm. We use this robot arm teaching robot control to our undergraduate students.

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