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Welcome to the Robotics department at Luleå University of Technology.

The research at the department is specialized on telerobotics and models and algorithms for controlling the motion of robots using geometrical sensors. Robotics & Automation is a part of the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. This multidiciplinary department has a wide competence in computer controlled industrial processes and telecommunications.
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Robotic News
2000 July 5, 14.00, Room A2025:
  Professor Ray Jarvis will talk about his research. Afterwards barbeque and everyone is invited.
2000 July 3:
  Professor Ray Jarvis from Monash University, Melbourne Austalia is here for two weeks
2000 May 17:
  Jesper Olsson presents his Master Thesis, title in Swedish "Autonom robot för hantering av bulkmaterial", room A210, time 15.00
2000 May 11:
  Master Thesis proposal
Implementation and evaluation of Differential GPS algorithms.
2000 May 11:
  The new robotic webpage under construction. If any comments or suggestions contact the webeditor below.

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