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Brokk 110

Click on the picture to download a movie that shows the basics of the control system. The movie show the robot and the reflexes placed on the robot. It also shows the frames captured by the framegrabber from the the two cameras. In these frames we can easyily see the reflexes and how they are numbered in increasing order. These captured frames are used to estimate the position of the Brokk arm.
Forsberg playing with the Manual Control Box

Brokk with Manual Control

The Brokk arm can be controlled by a control box with two joysticks. The joysticks controls the arm in cartesian coordinates. The control system automatically calculates how the hydralic cylinders should be altered.
Brokk arm follows a surface

Brokk Surface Following

In this case the coordinate system of the robot arm have been places in the same plane as the with surface. This movie shows how the robotic arm easily follows the surface and how it easily can be controlled

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