Dept. of Robotics & Automationat Luleå University of Technology

LuSAR - Luleå Semi-Autonomous Robot

LuSAR has recently been teleoperated from Norway, Australia and Singapore. (The picture shows the robot at a forestry conference in Garpenberg).
The mobile robot LuSAR

The communication user interface was written in Java as a demonstration of the teleoperation.Tele operations user interface The picture shown to the right is a screen shot taken in SIngapore while controlling the robot in Luleå. The bottom shows a laser range scan, the rectangle in the middle is the robot, about one meter long. Each dot (small circle) is a range measurement. The photo in the upper right corner of the picture is updated much slower than the range image, in practice a new picture is acquired only when demanded by the operator. The yellow and blue image is a "virtual reality" projection the planar range measurements. The two people visible in the images are professor Åke Wernersson and PhD student Mats Blomqvist.

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