Dept. of Robotics & Automationat Luleå University of Technology

Robots at the Robotics department

LTT - the Luleå Turbo Turtle
The senior robot at our department.

The autonomous plastering robot "Olle"
This was out first plastering robot prototype. It has succesfully plastered the walls at an actual building site.

CALMAN - the Computerized Articulated LawnMower with Automatic Navigation
An autonomous industrial grade lawn mower. Used for outdoor navigation experiments and experiments on the control of heavy articulated vehicles.

PR-1 - Personal Robot 1
A fast light weight SCARA robot arm. We use this robot arm teaching robot control to our undergraduate students.

LuSAR - Luleå SemiAutonomous Robot
Our main navigation and teleoperation mobile robot prototype. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The mobile robot arm (no name yet)
This is our new mobile plastering robot. It uses an Motoman SK6 robotarm, a scanning rangemeasuring laser and CCD camera to complete it's task.

The EMC measurement robot
This robot is currently being designed as a part of a student project. It's inteded use is as a platform for EMC measurements.

A small wall following mobile robot that will come if you whistle.

A teleoperated semiautonomous robot arm
This is the PR-1 robot arm, but with a range camera and a gripper mounted on it, and software for communication over the internet.

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