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Final Year Projects in Robotics

The projects are related to applications and ongoing research:

Research specialization and applications in robotics:

Control of motion and motion tracking using non-contact senors, i.e. lasers, range cameras, vision, ultrasonics, radar.
Emphasis is on physical modelling, signal processing, pattern recognition, real time control etc.

Applications studied include:

Navigation of Laser Guided Vehicles, robot docking and gripping, surface following, measure and analysis of material flow in process industries, telerobotics, and feasability studies for telemedicin.

Project 1: Optronic Feedback for a Robot Arm

The Robotics group at Luleå University is starting a fairly large research and industry project on controlling a mobile hydraulic arm using optronic feedback. The goal is direct feedback between the arm and the objects in the work space. Participants and sponsors include, in addition to the University, Holmhed Systems AB, Mobile Robotics AB, EU and Volvo Research Foundation. The project for the year 98/99 will emphasize on this EU project.

In this project we are to focus on telecommands for gripping, with tests using an industrial robot. This robot arm is onboard a mobile robot and has been used for tests with spray painting. The overall goal is outlined in a link where two Master/PhD projects are announced.
Photo of plastering robot

Project 2: Telecommands for LuSAR

The goal is to continue with the international network on controlling robots over the internet. We would like to add labs in France and Spain to our telerobotics map.
Photo of autonomous robot

Project 3: Robust signal processing for using the range camera/lasers in industry and forest applications

This project is carried out in cooperation with the department of Mathematics. The goal is to develop robust algorithms for measuring objects in an industrial environment and/or pine trees in a forest with lasers/the range camera as a sensor.

For more information contact:

Mats Blomquist, tel 0920-910 69, Åke Wernersson, tel 0920-911 47, 070 5 91 19 85.

News and Hot Topics!!

980430: Two new Master thesis projects announced! LuSAR- Luleå SemiAutonomous Robot has been teleoperated from Singapore, Australia and Norway! Photo of autonomous robot The mobile plastering robot has been tested spray plastering in Skellefteå. Photo of plastering robot

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