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Posting 514-03 - Medical Technology

Professor and head of Medical Technology for healthcare

Description of subject field: The area of medical technology is focused on the use of information technology with appropriate sensor and systems technology for applications within health care, with focus on persons with diseases and/or disabilities. The applications can (consist of) include improved rehabilitation, habilitation, earlier dismissal from hospitals, better supervision (surveillance) of patients outside of hospitals, ability to detect and warn about possible medical problems.

Qualification requirements: A person who has given attested evidence of possessing both scientific and educational skills is qualified for a post as professor.

Assignment: As professor you are assumed to start your own research department and research programme within the area. You are expected to cooperate with existing research groups primarily at the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and the department of Health Sciences. Part of the assignment consist of teaching and development of undergraduate education (courses).

Methods of assessment: A person who has given attested evidence of possessing both scientific and educational skills is qualified for a post as professor. The ability to lead and develop the research/activity will be appreciated. An experience in supervising graduate students is qualifying for this position, as well as knowledge of planning and implementing academic undergraduate education. We would further on like the professor to have experience of leading and organizing a research department/division and being the entrepreneur that will develop the research/activity both subject and size of the group. An ability to cooperate across traditional disciplines is aimed at.

Information on position: Please contact Head of Department Jerker Delsing on phone: +46 (0)706 26 19 31, e-mail Information on application evalution procedure: Please contact Britt Zachrison on phone +46 (0)920 49 16 13 or e-mail

Further information on the hiring procedure of teachers is available on:



Union representatives for SACO, TCO, and SEKO can be reach through the phone switch board +46 (0)920 49 10 00.

Application: The application, marked with the reference number 514-03, should be addressed to: Luleå University of Technology, Registrator, SE-971 87 Luleå, SWEDEN.

The application should include attachment of scientific work that the applicant would like to be taken into consideration in first hand as support for the application. The pedagogical qualifications should be documented according to the guide line for pedagogical skill available at: (eng) (swe)

The application should be in three (3) separate copies.

Reference number: 514-03

Last application day: 2004-02-15