Our annual review and strategy meeting at Örnvik 15-16 June 2004

Day 1, June 15

Lenka (our fearless leader) opens the festivities.

Lenka Opening

The first group of students present their progress and plans.

Thomas Bladh
Thomas Bladh  
Tomas Klockar Johan Karlsson
Tomas Klockar Johan Karlsson

Jingsen presenting education assignments for Fall.

Jingsen Chen

Lunch was next. The food at Örnvik is quite good.

Lunch 2

Next, we had practice talks for upcoming conference presentations.

Thomas Bladh Sara Landstrom
Thomas Bladh practicing for the
6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Sara Landström practicing for the
International Conference on Wireless Networks

During the afternoon coffee break, Pierre and Lenka treated us with cake to celebrate
the acceptance of their "brief announcement" at PODC. Congratulations to Pierre and Lenka.

coffee and cake

After coffee came Torkel's harangue on educational quality!

Torkel Franzen

Apparently, it was quite captivating.

Audience 2 Audience 2

Kaustubh then presented Ulf Bodin's research
vision as Ulf was traveling

And, Håkan presented his own.

Kaustubh as Ulf Hakan Jonsson

The final presentations of the day were progress and plans by:

Sara Landstrom Pierre Fransson
Sara Landström Pierre Fransson

After a hard day, it was time for rest and relaxation.

Hot Tub

Followed by dinner with an excellent Italian buffet.

Dinner 2

Day 2, June 16

The day starts with more progress and plan reports by graduate students.

Andreas Jonsson Tomas Johansson
Andreas Jonsson Tomas Johansson
Thomas Bjorklund Helena Sandstrom
Thomas Björklund Helena Sandström

Then David presents his research vision for the division.

David Carr

And the last two students present.

Mats Folke Fredrik Bengtsson
Mats Folke Fredrik Bengtsson

This took until lunch. Afterwards, we had three more research vision talks by:

Lenka Motyckova Kaustubh Phanse Jingsen Chen
Lenka Kaustubh Jingsen

And, another practice talk for an upcoming conference.

Thomas Johansson
Tomas Johansson practicing for the
3rd Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop

The highlight of the meeting came after the afternoon coffee break. "Venerable" Mr. Chen presented a short tutorial on Chinese.

Venerable Chen's tutorial Chinese Characters

The meeting finished with Lenka showing our grand research vision.

Lenka's Summary Whiteboard

Photographs by Johan Karlsson and David Carr.

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