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Division of Computer Communication The division of Computer Science and Networking covers research in:
  • Computer Communication Architectures and Protocols.
  • Algorithms
  • Human-Computer Interaction

In addition to providing education in our research areas, we also provide courses in basic Computer Science and programming.

The division has 6 full-time faculty members, 5 part-time faculty members, 16 Ph.D. students, and support staff.

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News and Announcements

Licentiate Seminar on the 23rd of March, 2005. Sara Landström, will present her Licentiate thesis entitled "Congestion Control in Wireless Cellular Networks" . Professor Anna Brunström of Karlstad University, Sweden, will be discussant.

ABSTRACT: Through the introduction of the third generation of mobile cellular network technologies a major step towards ubiquitious and wireless access to the Internet has been taken. There are however still challenges due to the different characteristics and prerequisites of wired and wireless networks. 

An important network element is congestion control. The purpose of
congestion control is to ensure network stability and achieve a
reasonably fair distribution of the network resources among the

The continuation of the abstract and the thesis can be found here.

Annual Review and Planning Meeting: On June 15-16, the division held its annual review and planning meeting at Örnvik just outside Luleå. Those that are interested can visit our photo chronicle of the event.

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