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Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
   SMD158 Interactive Systems, 2005
Course Plan

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SMD158 - Lecture Plan

This is the preliminary course plan.

1 05-01-18 none Introduction to the Course, Introduction to Interactive Systems
2 05-01-21 CAP Design Issues For Visual Languages
3 05-01-25 OVF Programming User Interfaces
4 05-01-28 MVC The MVC Architecture
5 05-02-01   Tool Kits, Swing
6 05-02-02 Piccolo Scene Graphs and Piccolo
7 05-02-04 BRZ Dialog Design
Redo 05-02-08   Design Review
8 05-02-11   Windowing Systems and Window Management
9 05-02-15 CGF Basic 2D Graphical Representations and Transformations
10 05-02-16 UST Software Tools
11 05-02-18 ACP, ULC Constraints
Redo 05-02-22   Progress demonstration
12 05-02-25 CTT IIO Formal Methods, Task Models and Task Directed UI Development
13 05-03-01 PBE, MOD Model-Based and Demonstrational Techniques
14 05-03-02 MUA, PAC Advanced Architecture
R 05-03-04 none Problem Session, we will go through the August 2003 examination.
15 05-03-08 none Review for the Exam
Redo 05-03-11 - Final demonstration of your project, report due at demo.
Exam 05-03-17   Final Exam (old exams: March 2003, May 2003, August 2003, May 2004
Note, the course material was somewhat different for some of these!

SMD158 - Guide to the Literature

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Author David A. Carr (
Modified 05-03-03