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Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
SMD157 Human-Computer Interaction, Course Plan
Period 2, 2005/6

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Course Plan

This is the course plan. You can get copies of the lecture slides by following the links in the contents column. They will hopefully be published before each lecture. However, time constraints and last minute revisions may dictate otherwise.

DateTypeReading Contents
05-10-31L ID: Chp 1 Introduction to the course, Introduction to HCI
05-11-02L ID: Chp 2 Understanding Interaction
05-11-03L ID: Chp 3, 5, OLS Understanding Users
05-11-04*  Project groups must be registered by 1700
05-11-07L ID: Chp 7 External and Task Analyses
05-11-09L ID: Chp 9 Design Principles
05-11-10Se   Seminar 1, Analysis Review
05-11-14L ID: Chp 10, 12 Examples for Inspiration
05-11-16L ID: Chp 8 Low-Fidelity Prototyping
05-11-17L DM Interaction Techniques
05-11-21Se   Seminar 2, Design Review (Schedule)
05-11-23L HE1, HE2,
HE3, ID: Chp 13
Usability Inspection Methods
05-11-24L ID: Chp 14, CEG Evaluation with Users
05-11-28Se   Seminar 3, Cooperative Evaluation of Low-Fidelity Prototypes
05-11-30L   High-Fidelity Prototyping & Flash (Demo Application)
05-12-01L AM Alternates Interfaces
05-12-05L Viz Information Visualization
05-12-08L  Information Visualization, continuation
05-12-12Se none Seminar 4, Cooperative Evaluation of High-Fidelity Prototype in A2515
05-12-15De   Final demonstration and evaluation in A2508 (Schedule)
05-12-16*  Final Reports Due at 17:00


Interaction Design by Preece, Rogers, & Sharp
HE1 Nielson, et. al.; How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation,
HE2 Nielson, et. al.; Ten Usability Heuristics,
HE3 Nielson, et. al.; Severity Ratings for Usability Problems,
DM Shneiderman, Direct Manipulation for Comprehensible, Predictable, and Controllable User Interfaces, Proceedings of IUI97, 1997 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Orlando, FL, January 6-9, 1997, 33-39. PS
OLS Casady, Whiteboard: online shopping: or, how I saved a trip to the store and received my items in just 47 fun-filled days, interactions, 8(6), Nov+Dec, 2001, 15-99. PDF
CEG Monk, Wright, Haber, Davenport, Improving Your Human-Computer Interface: A Practical Technique, Prentice Hall, 1993, ISBN 0-13-010034, 21-38. PDF
Viz Gershon, Eick and Card; Information Visualization, interactions, 5(2), March 1998, 9-15. PDF
AM Gentner and Nielsen; The Anti-Mac Interface; Communications of the ACM, 39:8 (August 1996), 70-82. PDF
SeSeminar, attendance mandatory
DeDemonstration (Redovisning)

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Modified 05-12-06