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Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
SMD157 Human-Computer Interaction, Individual Work
Period 2, 2005/6

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The individual assignments will consist of quizzes. In addition, you must attend the seminars (or do makeup assignments). The components are described in more detail below.

Seminar Attendance: Students are required to attend all seminars and failure to do so results in a "U" for the course. However, students are allowed to makeup missed seminars. A makeup assignment is available for each seminar and is generally due at the next seminar. Making up a seminar is the same as attending it. Students who miss a seminar for an event that is beyond their control (excused absence) have a smaller makeup assignment. (Students should meet the instructor as soon as possible with regard to a missed seminar to find out which assignment they must do.) Makeup assignments will not be accepted after their due date without prior arrangement and/or good cause.

Quizzes: There will be 6 short quizzes given at lectures during the course. Each quiz will be worth 8 points. The lowest score on any single quiz will not be counted toward your grade (best 5 of 6). The date of quizzes will not be announce in advanced. They will simply be passed out sometime during lecture. The quizzes will generally be about the contents of previous lectures or about the reading assigned for the current lecture. They are a way to avoid a written exam. Missed quizzes may be made up by doing a make-up assignment. The assignments can be found below, but they will not appear until after the quiz has been given. In general, you will have one week to make up a missed quiz. However, exceptions will be made for students affected by circumstances beyond their control such as illness, accident, illness in the family, etc. Make up assigments will be graded on a 0-8 scale just like quizzes. (See the makeup assignment page for details of the assigment.)

[Course home page] [Course plan] [Projects] [Individual Work] [Seminars] [Makeup Assignments] [Office hours] [Old News]

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