Lecture Planning LP4 2007.

During the course, the Lecture Planning will be updated and points of interest will be emphasized. To get the most out of this course, for all parties, come prepared to the lectures by reading the advised chapters. The text book contains lots of details, try to grasp the main ideas.
Slides can be found here slides.

  • Lecture 1 Mars 23th. Introduction to SMD150, Computer Architecture at a crossroads.

  • Lecture 2 Mars 27th. Lecture by Andrey Kruglyak. Introduction to SyncSim, a synchronous circuit simulator. Introduction to Lab 1.

  • Lecture 3 Mars 30th. Instruction level parallelism (ILP), code scheduling, branch prediction.

  • Lecture 4 April 3rd. ILP continued. Dynamic scheduling. (Lecture 4.5 Limits of ILP).

  • Lecture 5 April 3rd. Lecture by Andrey Kruglyak. Introduction to VHDL. Creating a VHDL design in SyncSim. Lab 2.

  • Lecture 6 Apr 17th. Multiprocessor systems. Flynn classification. Vector machines. Mimd machines. Shared memory, coherence and consistency.

  • Lecture 7 Apr 18th. Guest Lecture by Pär Hellström (division of Mathematics) on the subject of cluster computing.

  • Lecture 8 Apr 20th. Guest Lecture by Lennart Gustafsson and Tamas Jantvik on the subject of parallelism of computation in neural networks.

  • Lecture 9 Apr 24th. Shared memory machenes continued. Directory based coherence and consistency. Synchronization and memory models.

  • Lecture 10 Apr 27th. Tentative, guest lecture on CELL chip cache memory design.

  • Lecture 11 May 8th. Memory hierarchy, and virtual machines.

  • Lecture 12 May 15th. !!! NOTICE NEW TIME !!!

    Guest lecture by Johan Nordlander, Timber, threads to the future!!!

  • Lecture 13 May 22th. Repetition, questions on the exam.

  • Lecture 14,15 May 25th. Presentations of the selected assignment.