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Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

SMD147, Networking project (Nätverksprojekt)

Configuration, January 2006 (3rd quarter)

Examiner: Lenka Carr Motyckova
Instructors: Lenka Carr Motyckova (
Sara Landström (
Note: For now, please contact Sara Landström ( if you have any questions about the course.
This course builds on knowledge from previous courses such as Computer Networking, SMD123, and Operating Systems, SMD149. An important element in this course is to practice the ability to plan and execute a team project. In particular:
* dividing tasks into activities which enable parallel work,
* communicating within the group and with advisors and
* ensuring the quality of the deliverables using appropriate methods
are some of the components.

The information about the course in the Course Catalog is accesible from here.

A list of the students
attending this course.
Information about the projects..
Project room
The participants in the Networking project course will have A1203 at their disposal. For access information, see Sara Landström room A3201.
First task, choosing a project
Send an e-mail before Sunday the 22nd 24.00 to Sara Landström ( with the following content:
NAME: Sara Karlsson
PERSONNUMMBER: ******-****
USER@SM: sarkar-7
CHOICE 1: Name of a project proposal
CHOICE 2: Name of a project proposal
CHOICE 3: Name of a project proposal
WISHES (IF ANY): Maybe someone in particular that you want to work with. Other information.
The slides and video recording from the project management lecture can be found at
The templates for PROPS which were discussed in class can be retrieved from from the LTU web page by searching for PROPS. (The project specification and progress report converted to pdf format.) Unfortunately there is no English version.
Rules for examination.

The specific deadlines can be found here.  POSTER and PROTOTYPE presentation: May 18,  13:00 in A1203.
                                                                    FINAL REPORT presentation: May 22, 14:50, Alfa 110
About the final project report here.

Course evaluation
Towards the end of the course the evaluation form will be available through Fronter. More information regarding the evaluation will appear on the web page at this point.
The web page from last year
The information from last year.

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