This page will be updated throughout the course, but should (as for now) contain enough information for you to get started. If you do not have access to the workstations, please read "General info" (see menu).

The SyncSim simulator

SyncSim is a general simulator for synchronous systems, i.e. systems that uses a (single) clock. It is written completely in Java, but has interfaces to other components written for example in VHDL (a hardware description language) and C etc. For more details and source code, see the sourceforge archive (reachable through the menu under "Links"). Since the simulator is written in Java, it should run on any platform (with Java support). However, the following information is primarely targeted for tools running on the sigma system.

The MIPS model

Using SyncSim various synchronous systems can be modelled. In our case we have developed models for the MIPS architecture (based on the 33000 series). The models are designed to teach the inner workings of the MIPS, yet being simple enough for beginners. The models are built from components, e.g. memories, register file, ALU, multiplexors, etc. that will be further discussed in the course.

Installation and quick tutorial

To install SyncSim:

  	>syncsim &

The start-up script has create a directory for the tutorial (smd137/tutorial). It has also placed the following files into it:

Now you can start your SyncSim session by typing

  	>syncsim &

Compiling source code for MIPS "prelab"

Source code must first be compiled and linked into a format compatible with the MIPS memory component. For this you will use the gcc toolsuit (available from as the sde lite). For your convenience the tools (5.03.04) are installed on "sigma", and should be accessible from your user directly. If you prefer to use the tools at your private computer, you may either use ssh to log onto "sigma" and run the tools remotely, or install the native executables (Windows/XP, NT, 2000) or Redhat 7.1, or even compile natively from CVS. The tools you will (usually) use are:

The following instructions will show you how to compile programs for the MIPS architecture.
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