General Information

Every student is expected to have an account on the "jota/sigma" SUN workstations in the A-building. If you do not, go up and see the system administrators A3109A. We assume that every student is familiar with the X11 window system; with UNIX; and with a text editor such as "emacs/xemacs".

The SUN workstations (A2509) have been scheduled on the assumption that the labs will be carried out in groups of at most two persons per group. Any student who wishes to work alone may so inform the instructor at any time during the course.

Not all of the material is in the texts, WWW or handout materials. If for some reason you must miss a lecture, you should try to arrange for someone to take notes for you. If that's not possible, then stop by and talk to the teacher.

When grading the labs, we will give priority to those turned in on time. So please try to meet the deadlines, else it might be hard to finish the labs during the course. This means that late labs may delay receiving your final course credits.

Labs returned to student after an initial grading, requesting the student to fix some problem and resubmit the lab, should be resubmitted within one week after the lab was returned to the student.

Only during the first scheduled lab passes will there be a "labhandledare" in the SUN workstation rooms; but not after this. You can get assistance by sending an email for help. We expect you to solve the lab problems yourselves.

The probability that the student will pass the final exam increases with the student's active participation in the labs. A large part of the final exam is built cumulatively on the labs. We do not teach two courses: a separate "lab" course and a separate "theory" course. We teach only one course, in which the labs are integral.

About "memorizing" your way through this course: It can't be done. This is an engineering course, you are being trained to deal with solving problems based on learned skills and fundamental understanding.

Information needed to do the labs is available to each individual group by WWW. Each group is given a (slightly) different problem to solve. You should save everything we mail to you in files (for later reference). If you lose an electronic mail, check the file "mbox" in your home catalogue; otherwise try contacting the teacher.

mail -s ENROLL  dtlabs@jota

                NAMN            Jan Jacobson
                KLASS           D3A
                PERSONNR        720912-4321
                JOTAKONTO       janjac-3
      (or )     LABBA_MED       Matti Johansson

mail -s ENROLL dtlabs@jota < reg.txt
Save reg.txt to your home directory and fill in correct credentials before using the command above

ENROLL and SUBMIT may only be sent FROM STUDENT ACCOUNTS (not from Ludd, hotmail etc.) That means that every student MUST get a student account. When you ENROLL or SUBMIT your lab to dtlabs, you must do it from the student account. Swedish letters may/should be used in names.

If you need help from the teacher, use the subject text "HELP LABx" when you send the email. For example:

mail -s "HELP LAB1"
 ack !  ack !!  oh help me please  blaj blaj...
Your mail will be received by the teacher, who will answer the mail as soon as possible. The idea is NOT to do your lab work for you but point you in the right direction.

If you want to get a complete history of your status and submissions (exactly the same information the instructors have) you can send:

mail -s "STATUS" dtlabs@jota
status please

For example turning in lab 2 part 1 is done by:
mail -s "SUBMIT" dtlabs@jota < lab2_1
Where the first 3 lines of your file (lab2_1 in the example) should look like this (start each line at the left margin):
DT_LABDEL       1

Warning: do not use "pine" ! we found bugs in it, it will corrupt your submission.
use "mail" as shown above.
Also please do not use strange mailers that encrypt, that convert things into "attachments", that send as BASE64, etc etc etc. We can handle some common MIME encoding, but prefer that you don't use it ! So don't use "exmh" either !!

dtlabs will always reply to anything you send to it, automatically, within about one minute. Wait for that message to arrive and then read it carefully !! For example, you will be told whether or not your message was accepted, and if not, what to do about it.

When dtlabs has processed your submission, it will automatically update the Lab status page.

ENROLL, STATUS, and SUBMIT may only be sent FROM STUDENT ACCOUNTS (not from Ludd, hotmail etc.) That means that every student MUST get an account from the system administrators. When you ENROLL, SUBMIT your lab to dtlabs, or ask for STATUS, you must do it from the student account.

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