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The beginner

Startup pages on the unix system:
Datorintroduktion light

Common information about assignments

Every lab assignment consists of a set of tasks. The one marked with (redovisning) should be reported to the lab tutor. The other tasks is for your personal training. Instruction nedan.

All assignments should be solved individually, but we encourage you to discuss problems and solutions with each other.

An assignment must be reported before its deadline. If you are can't: discuss with your lab tutor in advance!

It is not necessary to finish all assignments before you do the written exam. (But it is convieniant)

Problems to log on to the system? Visit our system administrators in A3002.

Print out code is convenient done with:

a2ps -Plw2510
(lw2510 is the name of the printer in A2510)

Report of assignments