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Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

The theme for the department is the development and use of information technology, IT, i.e. how to use computer hardware and software for the creation and extraction, transmission and distribution, searching and retrieval, presentation and enhancement, general usage and storage of information. The objective can be to fulfill such basic human needs as interaction and communication, excitement and entertainment, learning and personal development. Another area of use is for the control and supervision of technical processes and systems,in industry as well as at home.

At the department we aim at understanding totality and interdependencies. We have research and teaching expertise in the traditional disciplines computer communication and networking, theoretical computer science and software engineering, computer engineering and computer architecture, signal processing and automatic control, robotics and automation, and industrial electronics in general.

Our strategy for the future is to organize our research project in interdisciplinary thematic areas, currently:

  • Computer Science and Networking
  • Distributed Real-time Systems
  • Embedded Internet Systems
  • Signals and Systems.
Center for Distance-Spanning Technology - CDT, Process and Control Automation - ProSA, and Embedded Internet Systems Lab - EISLAB are important organizational vehicles for the execution of projects jointly with surrounding industry.

The total number of employees is around one hundred. A third of these hold a PhD, a third are employed PhD students, and the remainingthird are teaching, technical and administrative staff. We have 800 students enrolled in all our courses and programs. 35 students are accepted annually for the Computer Engineering program at the BSElevel and 75 at the MSE level. In the Electrical engineering program at the MSE levelthere are 45 students accepted annually and from the fall 2000 there are 35 students accepted each year for the MSE program in Media Technology.
Automatic Control
Computer Science and Networking
Signal Processing
Software Engineering

Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, CDT
EMC Center
prosa.s2.gif (1016 bytes)Center for Process and System Automation


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Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, S-971 87 Luleå, Sweden. Phone +46 920 491878, fax +46 920 492191

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